Senator Nadal

Honorable Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal’s Visit to the Bal Vihar of St. Louis (March 11, 2012)

Our Bal Vihar community has evolved over the years and has become an integral part of the St. Louis Indian Society. It incorporates education, religion, politics, meditation, community service, social and cultural values under one umbrella.  March 11th, 2012 has been a symbolic day, as we were able to present these very aspects to Senator Chappelle-Nadal, during her recent visit to our school.

The Bal Vihar Community would like to thank Senator Chappelle-Nadal for taking time from her busy schedule to visit our facility and spend time with the children while in class and their Yoga sessions.  It was precious to see how children proudly presented their work, their vision of culture, education, and the knowledge about current affairs. It was an interactive morning as children had the opportunity to ask questions to Senator Chappelle-Nadal, and listen to the pearls of wisdom as the senator answered every question in a way they would understand and compherehend.

Kids are the future of America, and Senator Chappelle-Nadal has given them the opportunity at this very young age to understand the importance and value any community and government together can offer to create a better society and a great nation.

Later that afternoon, the senator had the opportunity to attend the “Transcendental Meditation Program” Introductory session along with Bal Vihar parents and the faculty members. We, the Bal Vihar Community, would like to thank Senator Chappelle-Nadal for her valuable time and we will adhere to her words of wisdom – “Continue to learn and never stop learning.”

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