Bal Vihar is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation under the name of "Center for Indian Cultural Education - Bal Vihar of St. Louis".

Since its inception in 1992, Bal Vihar has been serving the Metro St. Louis southeast Asian / Indian community of about 10,000 families. The primary focus of this organization is to provide Indian cultural education for children of ages 5 through 16. Bal Vihar is a school to educate, foster and preserve Asian cultural values. Bal Vihar has 300+ students and over 40 volunteer teachers and teaching assistants.

Bal Vihar, is an all-volunteer organization with a well-defined by-laws and a mature organizational structure. There is an established process of election or selection of its office bearers. Our volunteers are the best in their fields of business, education, science, medicine, and engineering. Bal Vihar has a board of advisors, who are prominent members of the community. The organization has seen tremendous growth through the years The students are organized into several classrooms based on their age. There is a well designated curriculum for younger children and the youth. There are several interfaith and community outreach activities which are included as part of the curriculum.

Bal Vihar helps students to learn Indian culture and its application to global multicultural and multifaceted society. With value based teaching, the students learn respect, honesty and good citizenship. They are also taught discipline, tolerance and devotion in their daily routine. Bal Vihar's main goal is to integrate Indian cultural values with the mainstream. This organization prepares the future achievers of the United States to be well rounded and apply the learned values for the best of the communities. The ultimate goal is "to throw the light of cultural knowledge on every child, to make every child an outstanding citizen and to spread the song of peace and harmony around the world".

Currently Bal Vihar rents a public school for its classes on weekends (Sundays). The organization is able to manage its routine operations through nominal registration fees. In an effort to better serve the community and to provide a conducive environment for future learning and growth, Bal Vihar school is planning to relocate from its current leased facility and we are looking at many options.