To foster and preserve Indian cultural values amongst children.


To make Bal Vihar of St. Louis an exciting and encouraging educational environment for children through appropriate activities conducted by committed professional volunteers.

About Us

Founded in 1992, the Center for Indian Cultural Education was originally supported by Mahatma Gandhi Center till it received its independent status as a non-profit organization with exemption from the Federal Income tax under section 501(c) (3). The donations are tax deductible per our organization status. Its detail is as follows:

IRS Employee ID# :        20-2542002

Effective date :               March 31, 2005

State of MO ID :              N00647451

The cultural school is designed to promote, instill, and foster Indian culture in children of ages 5 and above. The children ages 5 through 12 are involved in activities such as prayers, yogasana, teachings of Indian culture, studies of values from the Indian epics Mahabharat, Ramayan and exposure to Hitopadesh, Panchtantra etc. The children also participate in local community activities.

For the youth group (ages 13 years and above), Bal Vihar encourages children to participate in different activities that promote respect and understanding of different cultures. Students have provided practical help to the communities in need. Various in-house community events such as Grand Parents program, Youth Lunch Program and helping at the Blood and Bone Marrow Drives have been a good success in the past few years.

The school provides Community Service Hours Certificate to students to use for high school graduation.  Bal Vihar is not only teaching Indian culture but also exposing the students to other cultures and religions by having our classes visit other places of worship.    

The school meets every other Sunday from August through May from 10 am - 12:30 pm at Hindu Temple Community Center, 725 Weidman Road, Ballwin, MO 63011.

To find out more about this school, you can contact any member of the Administrative Team