Community Projects

Community Projects and service to the community is an integral part of our curriculum for our children in Youth Group. 

Our students learn all aspects of Indian culture including philosophy, values, religion, history, geography, art, traditions and festivals.This will help students uncover their cultural identity, its application in their life and the multicultural society they live in. Bal Vihar Youth are involved in many community activities that consolidate their sense of community responsibility and integrating multiple cultures and values. 

Projects our Youth Group children and faculty participate in through out the year -

Clothes Drive - International Institution (in October)

Each year Youth Group oganizes and promtes the event to collect clothes. The collections are donated to multiple local charity organizations. 

CANstruction (in February)

Children and faculty look forward to this event every year. To promote recycling, the team collectes Cans and in collaboration with St. louis Science Ceter, builds and displays the structure at Science Center. 

Walk for Water (in April)

Walk for Water is a walk to recognize the stuggle of millions of people who walk miles everyday to fetch water for their daily use. Each year Balvihar sets a goal to raise funds that can be donated to WATER.ORG. You can find more about the project at the following location - Balvihar Walk for Water 

Internation Day of Yoga (in June) 

International Day of Yoga aims to raise awareness worldwide of the many benefits of practicing yoga. You can find more about the event at the following location - Balvihar Internation Day of Yoga 

India Independence Day (in August)