Annual Tuition fee is $300 per student. This includes a $50 volunteer deposit per student is required that is refunded to those who complete volunteering for a Bal Vihar event during that school year. Student in group Y5 are charged $1 as token fee. Any changes in tuition fee will be communicated to parents in a timely manner.

During the open registration period, parents can enroll their child(ren) online. All fees are to be paid either by credit card or ACH online banking using our secured online registration system. At this point, we do not accept cash or check for the registration purpose.

Due to COVID-19/pandemic, we are working on our plan is for 2020-21 school year. Bal Vihar is committed to following the local ordinances and guidance from CDC as well as local authorities. Bal Vihar management has decided that if we are not able to hold any in-person class for the 2020-21 school year, we will refund $150 per student. We still intend to run our classes online until the time it is safer for us to be in person. Throughout the school year, we will be reviewing the situation and will be taking decisions early keeping in mind safety and well-being of our families.

Due to capacity, the class room size will be limited to a maximum of 60. For youth group, capacity may be reduced depending on prior year registration. 

Bal Vihar Preview

For all new students or parents that want to learn or observe Bal Vihar prior to registration, we will allow class observations on a request basis subject to availability and scheduling. An observation form will need to be filled out and will be allowed to attend up to 2 classes for no cost. Bal Vihar preview will not be available any other time.