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Class Schedule Time - Late Arrival

All students are expected to be in the school by 15 minutes prior to the start of the Aarthi and Prayers.  The prayer room doors will be closed during the prayers and students shall remain outside the classroom till the prayers are completed


Dress Code

On the Bal Vihar day, students are urged to take bath in the morning, put on freshly washed, loosely fitting clothes appropriate for Yoga.


Student Responsibilities

Students will not touch or disrupt the school items including their pencils, papers, crayons etc. You should use the supplies provided by your Bal Vihar teacher only. Chewing gum, bubble gum, candy and toys are NOT allowed in Bal Vihar classes. 

Any disruption to school and or property will be brought to the attention of the parents as soon as possible. A repeat offense will result in the student being expelled from Bal Vihar. 

All classrooms must be left in the same configuration and shape, as it was when we entered. It is the students’ responsibility to put things back. All students must conform to all the rules listed under the attached document ‘Use of building agreement’.

Bal Vihar students should not open the school lockers under any circumstances. Bal vihar students that attend regular school at the campus and have lockers are not allowed to use their lockers during the bal vihar schedules.

No running inside the school is permitted. Stay within the classroom boundaries and the defined space for Bal Vihar. Wandering on the other side of the school is strictly prohibited. Students must conform to all rules listed under the ‘Facilities Use Policies’. No skating shoes are allowed in school premises. Always practice safe habits. 

Failure to adhere to student responsibilities is subjected to disciplinary actions by the administration to the extent of student being expelled from the institution.