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Documents for Parents     

  1. Orientation Booklet for Parents (Recommended for New / Existing Parents)
  2. Student Roster
  3. Yearly Calendar (1-Pager)
  4. Classroom Allocations on Hindu Temple of St. Louis Community Center Map
  5. Teaching Assignments                                                           
  6. Volunteer List                                                                                
  7. Disclaimer Form (Submit Online) or download a pdf copy
  8. Expense Form - Submit it Online
  9. Policies and Procedures (Download a pdf Copy)
  10. Volunteer Refund Request - Please Contact Finance Team


Art Projects

Baking Instructions for Diyas

Rangoli Family Project


Dropping off / Picking up and Parents Responsibility

While dropping the students, the Parents should accompany the kids up to the assembly area and should not drop-off in the parking lot. After the class dispersal the students must be picked up from the school lobby and the students are not allowed to walk up to the parking lot without being accompanied by a parent. 

It is the parent’s responsibility to arrange for bringing and picking up the student(s) from school. If parent(s) arrange(s) for the student’s pick-up from the class room or the school, by a third party, written & dated communication must be sent to the Parent’s Coordinator and classroom teacher.


Cancelled Class

Due to classroom availability limitations, Bal Vihar will not be able to make up a class cancelled due to inclement weather or any other reason. Any change in the class schedule due to uncontrollable circumstances will be notified to parents as soon as possible prior to the class. This information will be updated on the website by 8 am on the day of the class. Parents must check the website on the day of the class for cancellations in case of bad weather or any other situations.


Grievance Policy

Any grievance from students or parents against teachers, staff or parent volunteers must be provided formally in writing to the Secretary. Within two to four weeks after receiving the complaint, secretary will investigate and call a meeting where all parties concerned are present. Every effort will be made to resolve the issues amicably. In case a satisfactory resolution agreeable to all parties concerned is not reached, the issue will be turned over to the President for further deliberation. The resolution is documented and file closed.

Submit Grievance Online or download pdf version of grievance form


Date Grievance Filed: ____________________________________________

Person Filing Grievance: _____________________________________________

Association with Bal Vihar: ____________________________________________

(Teacher, parent, volunteer etc.)

Grievance For:            _________________________________________________

Nature of Grievance:  _________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________

Action Taken: ____________________________________________________

How was decision made: _______________________________________________

Who Communicated to person filing grievance: ____________________________


Expenses Policies

As part of the normal operations, Parents and Volunteers may incur expenses to buy goods or services for Bal Vihar activities. Legitimate expenses incurred by parents or volunteers for Bal Vihar activities will be fully reimbursed when claims are made as described in this section. 

All events related expenses must be pre-approved by the administrative team members: -

  • All academic expenses related to the classes must follow all guidelines
  • Within the specified budgets, the event or education leads will authorize the expense. If the expenses exceed the budget, it will require approval from the executive committee
  • Any expense not budgeted must be approved by the executive committee


Expense Reimbursement Policy

In general, expense reimbursement submissions must be made within 90 days of purchase. There is an exception for purchases made in November and December for which claims must be submitted before Jan 31 of the following year.

  • Claims should be submitted using the approved claim form along with original receipts. For purchases less than $50, a scanned claim form along with a scanned receipt is acceptable
  • Claims not submitted within eligible date or submitted without proper documentation is not eligible for reimbursement.


Bal Vihar issued check cashing policy

If parent does not cash the check provided by Bal Vihar school as reimbursement, it will be cancelled. Reimbursement checks will not be issued again.

Submit Expense Reimbursement Online