Volunteering Policies

Volunteering Requirements

It is required that every Bal Vihar parent complete a voluntary activity(ies)/ assignment(s) during Bal Vihar school year. Voluntary activity requirement is per child and if more than one child is registered parents are required to volunteer for number of activities that equals the number of kids registered. 

It is the responsibility of the parents to complete the agreed upon voluntary assignment and for personal reasons if any parent cannot meet the commitment, it is his/her  responsibility to delegate the activity to another parent. The volunteer coordinator must be notified at least 2 weeks in advance of any changes. 

Selecting / Assigning Voluntary Activities

The Bal Vihar parents can choose the voluntary activities during the registration time and the selection/assignment process is based on first come first serve basis. Bal Vihar events coordinator reserves the right to re-assign activity assignment on as-needed basis.  

What Qualifies for Volunteer Commitments?

Signing up to be a classroom parent (assist with art projects and other activities in the class) and must work at least 8 classes

  • At least 8 hours of volunteer work including participating event related or other meeting will be considered as the completion of the voluntary requirement
  • The event leads will provide the completion of the voluntary requirements for all the events
  • The education leads will certify the class room voluntary requirements
  • Teachers, community projects organizers and administrative team members are classified as volunteers


Volunteer Deposit and Refund

During registration process parents are required to deposit $50 per child and choose voluntary activity.

The Parents can opt out of voluntary activity assignments by choosing the “Buy-out” option thus relieving the parents from work assignments and the $50 deposit per kid will be treated as Bal Vihar fee. Voluntary activities need to be completed in the same academic year and the parents who fail to do so will fore-go the deposit.

Upon satisfactory completion of the voluntary commitment, Bal Vihar will refund voluntary deposit to the parents. However, at the discretion of the Volunteer management and Event coordinating committee voluntary deposit refund policy could be construed as volunteer activity per family based on the volunteer needs.