Education Policy

Bal Vihar Graduation

The committee consisting of teacher coordinators and the teachers from the Group 7 and Y3 group will finalize the list of graduating students after taking teacher’s inputs and based on the following criteria :-

Children transferring to Bal Vihar of St. Louis: -

This policy is for a child who has attended a school similar in spirit to Bal Vihar of St. Louis for at least two years. In order for a child to graduate whether in regular school or  Bal Vihar youth program the following requirements will need to be fulfilled: -

  • Spend at least two years in either program of Bal Vihar school.
  • Provide written evidence of having attended a similar school.
  • At least 70% attendance during the year.


Children who have attended only Bal Vihar of St. Louis: -

This policy is for children who have attended only Bal Vihar of St. Louis. In order to graduate, the child will be required to fulfill the following requirements:-

  • Spend at least 2 years overall with Bal Vihar or in youth program.
  • At least 70% attendance during the year.
  • An interview or other testing with the relevant Bal Vihar teachers as deemed necessary by the teacher coordinator committee.


Youth Group Admission Criteria

If you would like to register as a new student or continue in the youth group, the following criteria should be met. Please discuss with your parents before future registration: -

  • You MUST be able to be present in the class by 10:00 AM.
  • You MUST be available for all classes unless there is a valid reason.
  • All assigned homework NEED to be completed and e-mailed before the next class.
  • All students assigned to various classrooms, writing articles, community projects and other activities MUST be committed and complete those assignments in time
  • Once you have registered and have not met the above mentioned criteria, you may be asked to leave the group and no community credit hours could be claimed.


A completion requirement for this group is set by the youth coordinators. Upon successful completion of the youth curriculum set by the school will provide a certificate with community service hours that were earned by the youth. This certificate may be used by student towards community credit hours requirement for the high school graduation.  Youth is required to sign a completion requirement form provided by the teacher. 



Bal Vihar students will be promoted to next group if they have met the following criteria: -

  • Attended at least 70 % of the classes.
  • Must have met all requirements set by the teachers.
  • Must pass the written/oral and/or tests administered by the teachers.
  • No disciplinary actions taken against the students in the past two years. 


All students that cannot attend a class must notify their class teacher at least one day in advance. This will be considered as excused absence that will not be counted as absent. Teachers will take attendance during every class.


Community Hours for Youth Group Students

Bal Vihar students are involved in many volunteer activities and the school wishes to recognize that by providing community hours certificate. Students who require community credit hours for the high school graduation may also use this certificate.

  • Youth may be required to sign a completion requirement form provided by the teacher.
  • The community hours can also be provided to individual students upon completion of any volunteer activity sponsored by the Bal Vihar as soon as the activity is completed, upon request. The community hours awarded will be decided by the youth teachers taking into consideration of the students’ attendance, participation, activities, contribution etc.



Perfect Attendance Recognition

These awards can be given within each class by the respective teachers. Two category awards include one category where students have 100% attendance and other at least 90% attendance. Up to two excused absences due to illness will be accepted as an attended class for the purpose of this award.



If a student is absent for more than 3 consecutive classes without reason or without informing the teacher then the teacher can refer the matter to the teacher coordinators. Teacher coordinators will get in touch with the parents of the student and ascertain the reason for being absent. If it is deemed necessary, the teacher coordinators will make the final recommendation to the President of Bal Vihar that the student be asked to leave Bal Vihar. The case will be documented and the President will communicate the decision to the parents of the child.