Volunteer Opportunities

Bal Vihar is a volunteer based organization, and thus always in need of volunteers. All volunteers are not paid any fees for their services. The volunteers at Bal Vihar fall into one of these categories:

  • Education / Teaching
  • Events
  • Administration


Education / Teaching

As we expand our enrollment and continually extend our offerings, we look for teacher volunteers. The success of Bal Vihar depends on the quality and delivery of the curriculum. This can be accomplished only with the enthusiastic, cooperative, and professional teaching volunteering staff members. We like to keep the number of students in each class to a maximum of 25 students and thus some times we split the class if this size is exceeded. So if any one interested, in teaching culture, religion or history, please contact our education team.

We require the following volunteers:

  • Teachers for Groups 1 to Y3
  • Bhajans and Prayers
  • Yoga
  • Community Service
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Class room parents


No prior teaching experience is needed. The curriculum is well designed and new comers will be paired with the experienced Bal Vihar teacher for the first year. Once, the teacher is experienced, a lead role is possible the following year. Please note that the teaching responsibility is a year long commitment and will require you to attend one summer session and two teachers meeting during the year.


Bal Vihar conducts several events for the students and parents. All these events are planned and executed by parent volunteers. The events include – picnic, Diwali, holi, republic day, annual day, and family night. Each event is led by a parent volunteer and team of parents takes various activities for each event. You can see the description of these events at http://balvihar-stlouis.com/meetinginfo.php?p_or_f=f. Please contact events team if you want to be involved with any of these events.

Family Night

Family Night is an exciting event usually held in one of the school Gyms. It gives students, parents, teachers and their families an opportunity to socialize , dance to dandiya beats and play games

The responsibilities include:-

  • Photography and Video Recording
  • Reserve the Event site well in advance (preferably 3-4 months as most of the parks get booked early)
  • Arrange and Set up Games for kids
  • Food Arrangements and distribution
  • Cleaning by all the volunteers



Diwali Celebration is a major activity of Bal Vihar. There are usually 3-4 event coordinators and 20 parent volunteers needed for various activities. The event begins with pictures of all students in their class, pooja at the temple, Prasad and/or dinner followed by fireworks. The activities for this event include:-

  • Pooja materials purchase
  • Plan and Execute Diwali Pooja at the Hindu Temple
  • Plan, Purchase, Distribute and Monitor Fireworks
  • Photography and Video Recording
  • Plan and Organize Prasad and Dinner
  • Clean up



Holi program is conducted during spring. The program starts with a quick lunch for kids.  Children get to play colors after a short presentation or play. The activities include: -

  • Photography and Video Recording
  • Coordinate / Buy Colors, Packaging and Distribution
  • Food Arrangements and Distribution
  • Cleaning and Protecting the MGC and Hindu Temple Building from Color and Dirt


Annual Day

Bal Vihar year concludes with the Annual day program. This is the main event where almost everyone participates. It requires much more organized effort from students, parents, teachers and administrative staff. Each year the annual day preparations begin at least 5-6 months before the event. Teachers usually propose a theme and participants prepare keeping theme most groups perform in various events. Rehearsals start at least few weeks before the event. We would like to avoid distraction from the regular Bal Vihar curriculum. Most of the program them usually involves what the students have learned or related activities. Graduating students are awarded certificates. Teachers and volunteers are recognized. There is usually one chief guest, who delivers a small speech related to students or culture.

The responsibilities include: -

  • Two leads
  • Photography, video taping
  • Logistics of putting a program together by the mutual consent of teachers from each group, Yoga and Bhajans and arrangement of the MC
  • Management of sound system and AV equipment
  • Advertisement, creating, printing and distribution of the program souvenir
  • Arrangement, escorting and food needs of chief guest/guests (one volunteer)
  • Stage preparation, setting up, cleaning and seating Arrangement of the hall usually the day before or same day early morning
  • Order, delivery, set up and distribution of food
  • Cleaning and conclusion



After participating at Bal vihar for few years, you get the opportunity to get more involved through the administration team. The roles within the administration team include: -

  • Operations
  • Website
  • Marketing and communications
  • Events Coordination and Execution
  • Fund Raising



The Bal Vihar operations team is responsible for the day to day planning and execution of all Bal Vihar activities. This team has the following responsibilities: -

  • Secretary
  • Parents Coordination
  • Volunteer Coordination and Management
  • Logistics Coordinator - Take the teaching material, AV aids and lost & found items to the storage facility.
  • Prasadam coordination


Please contact operations team for further information. 


The Bal Vihar Web team is responsible for the design and maintenance of the bal vihar web site, email lists and the contents. This team has the following responsibilities: -

  • Website Coordination
  • Website Content Management
  • Website Development
  • Marketing Materials
  • Marketing Communications


Volunteers are needed to fill these roles. Volunteers with the website related expertise are encouraged to take appropriate relevant position. Also, Bal Vihar parent with the artistic skills can contribute in our marketing areas. Please contact website team for more information.

Events management

We described all the events above. The event management as part of the administration team is to plan and manage these events through the volunteers. This role organizes the meetings, plans the event and communicates with all parents, education team and the other administration team. They are responsible for the budgets etc as well.

Fund Raising

Bal Vihar is a non-profit organization and the fees we collect goes towards the educational expenses of the school. We need to raise additional funds for improving infrastructure, teaching aids and facilities for students. To this end, this effort is divided into two broad categories: -

  • Short term quick wins – sign up programs with Schnucks, Dierberg, Pizza Hut corporation etc. to donate the a part of the money to Bal Vihar for each transaction.
  • Long term big wins – Write up proposals and secure corporate and government funding


Please contact fundraising team for more information. 


If you did not sign up for any of the above volunteer roles, sign up here and you will be called upon for any help and at any time.
If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact one of the administration team members.