Balvihar Class 3A


Class Summary
  • March 17th We moved to our new home for the next four classes to  Ladue Middle School. Parents, please do re-inforce the kids to be careful about the school property.   We had a short mutliple choice quiz on the Mughal era and  the kids did quite good. We had a perfect score by Varun Devraj. Pranav and Heeral got 9/10. The rest of the kids were not too far off ! Congratulations kids !! Please talk to your kids about the Annual Day variety show. The kids sure had some ideas --Parents, watch ut - the joke may be on you :-)   Coming back to our classes - Our last unit is the "Temple Architecture and introduction to vastuPurusha Mandala". We studied the origins of ...
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  • March 6th We reviewed the Mughal Era timeline and discussed the contributions of Jehangir, Shahjehan and Aurangazeb.We also discussed the rise of the British EMpire and the Fall of Mughal Era under the last Mughal Emperor - Bahadur Shah. We also discussed the important architectural contributions of this  period - namely Taj Mahal, Red Fort, FatehPur skihri and Jumma Masjid. With this, we conclude our unit on History and we will next be moving on to our  Cultural Unit. A short quiz will be administered during the next class on the Mughal Empire.
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Welcome Students

Welcome back students for another  another wonderful year at Bal Vihar. We have planned an exciting year for you this year at Bal vihar with lots of stories  on the Avatars of Vishnu, talk about Krishna's playful antics, learn more about India's rich heritage and do some fun projects together. We hope you are as excited as we are. Just bring your cheerful self  to the class. Lets learn together the deep mysteries of India.

Upcoming Indian Festival / National holiday

Holi Hai !! - March 19th Celebrate together the festival of Colors and  usher in Spring. You may want to wear old clothes !!   Date: March 19th (Saturday)Time: 12:00pm to 2:00pmVenue: Mahatma Gandhi CenterLunch: 12:00pm to 12:45pmColor Distribution: 1:00pmProgram End: 2:00pm
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Class Announcements

Homework Assignments

What you need to have with you for the class .. You need to have in your bag, a pocket folder and a notebook, pencils, erases and a pen. Dont forget your yoga mats.
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March 17th -Homework 1. What are the names of the two dwarapalakas in front of the temple ?
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Quiz On Mughal Era - March 20th Sharpen up your knowledge on the Mughal Era - There will a short quiz on March 20
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Das Avatar Show and Tell Competition "Show and tell" competition Of Das Avatar Diorama presentation will be held on April 3rd and 17th. You will need to present your avatar to the parent judges under 3 ...
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