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2015 - 16


Diwali Celebration


hi INDiA Weekly, Page# 23 (12.04.15)

India Post Page# 20 (12.11.15)


St. Louis Art Museum 


India Post, Page# 21 (9.04.15)


2014 - 15


CANstruction Project at St. Louis Science Center (Press Release)

2015 CANstruction


Republic Day



2014 Diwali 


Bal Vihar Celebrates Diwali with Fervor - India Post


2013 - 2014


Annual Day

Bal Vihar's Annual Day Turns Memorable - Hi India, Page 22

St Louis Bal Vihar celebrates annual day - India Post, Page 22


5K Yoga Fitness Walk

Bal Vihar holds 5 km Yoga fitness walk , Page 16 & 18


CANstruction - Interfaith Mural Project 

Bal Vihar Teens Dream Up Interfaith Mural from Cans (Hi India)

Teens join to create Interfaith mural from cans (India Post Online) Read Paper Edition at this link



Filling the Atmosphere & Spirits with Color & Vibrancy


Performace at Art Museum

Bal Vihar Children perform at Art Museum (India Post, Page 20)

Video of Live Performances







Bal Vihar's Day at St. Louis Art Museum (Hi India Live) 


Republic Day

Splendid Display of Indian Culture on R-Day (India Post, Page 21)

Bal Vihar turns Republic Day memorable (Hi India Live) 




Bal Vihar does a yeoman’s service to mark Diwali (Hi India Live)








2012 - 2013



Cultural Heritage is the Focus of St. Louis School (Hi India)







 Indian School Instills Cultural Identity in Students (STL Today)


2011 - 2012

Bal Vihar Cricket Team is the WINNER of AID Cricket Cup 2012!!!

In a nail biting finish, Bal Vihar of St. Louis Cricket team, led by Suhas Naik, defeated Tornadoes to win the first edition of AID Cricket Cup. In a fiercely fought final, the scores were tied after the stipulated 8 overs and the winner was decided using a 1 over tie breaker where Bal Vihar held the nerves to win the tournament. Suhas won the Man of Match for the finals where he took 3 wickets, 1 run out, scored 11 runs. Way to go Bal Vihar Cricket Team!!! Read more...

Center of Indian Cultural Education School Celebrates Festival of Colors (Hi India Weekly, April 06, 2012, Page# 18 & 19)





 Senator Chappelle-Nadal Visits Bal Vihar





Senator Chappelle-Nadal’s Visit to the Bal Vihar (March 11, 2012)

Senator Chappelle-Nadal Visits Bal Vihar (India Post, March 23, 2012 Edition, Page# 15)

Senator Chappele-Nadal Visits Bal Vihar of St Louis (Hi India, April 27, 2012, Page# 20/21)

Bal Vihar celebrates Republic Day

India's Republic Day celebration evokes Gandhi and King's message of peace (Hi India 02/10/2012, Page# 16)

R-Day celebrations evoke Gandhi & Martin Luther (India Post 02/10/2012)

R-Day celebrations evoke Gandhi & Martin Luther (Issuu, 02/10/2012, Page# 14)


Bal Vihar celebrates Diwali with gusto (India Post, Page 16)




 St. Louis Bal Vihar celebrates Diwali (hi India Weekly, 11/25/11 Edition)





Bal Vihar Holi Celebration Article - NewsIndia Times

Bal Vihar Holi news in News India times April 8th issue page 24




Bal Vihar Celebration Article - Atlanta Darpan

Holi 2011 celebrated at Bal Vihar St. Louis

Bal Vihar Holi Celebration Article - Hi India

Bal Vihar of St. Louis celebrates festive spirit of color in high spirits





Bal Vihar Diwali Article - Hi India

Bal Vihar Children Celebrate Diwali and Hindu New Year



India post news - Bal Vihar 2009 Diwali Celebration

Bal Vihar Gala Event Featured in Suburban Journal

Bal Vihar had a Gala Event and Fundraiser on April 24, 2010 at Lafayette High School, Wildwood, MO.



 Bal Vihar Fundraising and School Relocation Progress

Bal Vihar administration would like to keep you informed about the progress made regarding the proposed move of our school to the newly purchased land by the Hindu Temple

How the St. Louis Hindu Community Grew - St. Louis Beacon (11/03/2009)


Recognition by JMS of St Loius for service by Bal Vihar

Bal Vihar children made blankets for needy

Bal Vihar Community project recognitions

Bal Vihar children donated gifts to 'Circle of Concern' - a charity organization. The school was recongnized by the organization. St. Patrick Center- a catholic charity organization also recognized Bal Vihar for its outstanding contribution.

Article in India Post - Balvihar Annual Day Celebration 

Indian Students Express Sympathy in Writing

Story in Suburban Journal By Mary Shapiro 03/12/2003

Seven-year-old Shalini Subbarao of Manchester carefully drew her words as she wrote a letter Sunday at the Bal Vihar School, to "make families far away feel better," she said. "I'm sorry that the spaceship crashed," Shalini wrote, along with the other 110 students at the school in the Mahatma Gandhi Center, 717 Weidman Road in the Manchester area, referring to the Feb. 1 space shuttle Columbia disaster.

"Everyone is sad ... It is the worst thing that could happen. I will pray for their families. I can't think about anything worse than this." The 11-year-old school, which conducts classes from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. every other Sunday offers instruction on Indian cultural heritage to children ages 5 to 12, said founder Sudhir Brahmbhatt, a Wildwood resident. Bal Vihar means "children's school" in Indian. Its web address is

Dr. Hamsa Subramanian, a parent and Chesterfield resident, got the idea for the letters project immediately after the disaster, said her husband Subu, the school's treasurer and secretary. The children have worked on them during the last month. "The children wrote what they felt," Subu said. "Many said NASA should continue its research and exploration in space in spite of the accident." Brahmbhatt said the project helps to make the children "part of the larger community and to show them that all the astronauts, no matter their race or religion, were human beings. Indian culture teaches is the whole world is one family."

The letters placed in seven separate folders, one for each family were mailed Monday to National Aeronautics and Space Administration officials to be forwarded to the families of the seven astronauts. "Even though they died, they did do a good thing," wrote Ishan Jain, 12, of Ladue. He said he hoped "this will make the families feel better and to tell them their relatives did a brave thing." Ishan's brother, Ashwin, 11, also wrote that "we share your, love for the brave and courageous astronauts, We mourn with you. They were heroes for many people and also for me."

Tejasvi Subramanian, 7, of Chesterfield, wrote that she felt "sorry for Kalpana (Chawla, one of the astronauts and a native of India), and I also feel sorry for all the astronauts, too." Trisha Bhat, 8, of Town and Country, said she wanted to write to the families "because they must be feeling very sad, and letters might encourage them not to be."

"I'm sad that one of your family members passed away," wrote Krishna Kumar, 9, of Creve Coeur. "At least they tried to make their goal. They tried, they really tried ... It is tragic, but I think you can live with it even though they passed away. I am really sorry." Samir Thanedar, 10, of Town and Country, said it was important to write to "take away some sadness, but you can't take it all away, because it will always be there as a memory."

"We wanted to show other people care, and everybody in the United States is mourning, too," he said. Brahmbhatt said this is one of many projects the school has undertaken for the community. Youngsters also recently prepared decorated pillowcases, door hangings and other gift items for youngsters at St. Louis Children's Hospital and for older adults at various retirement centers. And they have conducted canned food and book drives, he said.