2017 CANstruction Food Drive Impact

2017 CANstruction food drive successfully raised donations to feed 2421 people for a day!!!

Sharing below the letter of appreciation to Bal Vihar from Director of Community Relations, Operation Food Search.

Our thanks to Bal Vihar students and their families for your CANStruction food drive collection of 3872 pounds of quality food and $726.70.  We value these donations at $7270.38, and they represent enough to feed 2421 people for one day.

We can’t wait to see the photos of the “United We Grow” wall displayed at the Science Center!

The real reward from working on these food drives is that all of you are literally providing the means for families who struggle daily to put nutritious food on the table. You are providing quality food to help families who are worn-thin from the minute-to-minute stress of stretching their meager financial resources to cover all of life’s necessities. 

The reality that we face in our work is that there is never enough food to help these families. The need here far, far outstrips the supply.

60 years of continued research confirms the science over and over again that families who share a meal together, even just 3x a week, go on to live better lives. They connect, they thrive. Cooking a meal, eating together, cleaning up – something many of us take for granted – is the surest way to begin to build family resilience, which makes our region stronger, healthier, more vibrant.

Our work at Operation Food Search provides these meals, along with the skills needed to make them, to struggling families. Your collective kindness and compassionate generosity helps make these meals possible – with families you’ll never meet.

Our heartfelt thanks to you for taking noble action to help make these family meals a reality. Operation Food Search is nothing without you.

For more information about the impact of childhood hunger and family food insecurity in our region as well as the impact of our work please visitwww.operationfoodsearch.org or watch our short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dn5z_KL-HwA

All the best,

Judy Coyman

Director of Community Relations