Much Awaited Milestone


This past week some of us witnessed the most awaited moment in the history of Bal Vihar of St. Louis. After a long 4+ years wait, finally an agreement was signed between Bal Vihar and Hindu Temple. This agreement marks a major milestone in the journey towards keeping the light of cultural torch burning and likely even brighter in the future.

On the last day of July (31st), Bal Vihar presented a check of $250,000 to the Hindu Temple to begin construction of the new building adjacent to the temple. In an auspicious moment, the priest offered at the feet of God, the documents reflecting the good faith of both the parties and for a bright future to next few generations. After the prayers, the documents were formally signed and presented to Hindu Temple along with the token amount.

Bal Vihar has also committed to help the temple raise additional funds and assured another $150,000 upon occupying the building. Both parties have signed a lease of 99 years. A total of 8 new classrooms and 2 large rooms will be built on the second floor of the community center. The community center will also have a kitchen and large hall on the first floor. Bal Vihar is expecting to start its classes at this new facility from school year 2017-2018.

For Bal Vihar, the journey isn’t over. This was just a major stop to reflect upon the past and contribution to the community. It is also a moment of realization that the dreams of having a permanent facility for the community and supported by the community would come to fruition in next few years. 

 The new center is being built for other organizations within the community. Having a center next to the temple will also help the families to leverage the opportunity to instill more culture and faith in their children.

 Bal Vihar is proud to be part of this journey and being a major contributor.  We encourage all Bal Vihar parents to contribute whole heartedly to the cause of the community and for betterment of our future generations.

P R E S S   R E L E A S E

Bal Vihar and Hindu Temple of St. Louis Signs Agreement on July 31, 2014 for the New School at the Temple

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