President's Message

On April 27, 2013, Bal Vihar celebrated its 20 years of service in St. Louis area The event was very well attended by as many as 700 people and represented the diversity and our cultural school. Thanks to Gitana Production of St. Louis who worked closely with the school for the celebration. The State Senator Honorable Maria Chappelle- Nadal, Representative for Honorable Federal Senator McCaskill, and St. Louis Country executive Charlie Dooley were pleasantly surprised by the diversity aspect of our school and commended the work that has been carried out by our institution. 

As we now enter into our new school year 2013-2014 on August 25, 2013, the school is prepared for more exciting year. We have further improved the curriculum and modified our hands on practices for our children. The school enrollment has increased to 325 students and may go up by the time registration closes on August 31, 2013. With the registration, our teaching staff has gone up to 60 teachers and admin staff near 30 members. I sincerely appreciate the hard work that our volunteers carry out by relentless effort in delivering the best they can. And I am extremely proud of our teams.

To all participants, please continue following our school policies, participate and offer your expertise to make your school a great experience for both you as parents and your children so we all can maintain our culture and respect others. As a reminder- Children are Parents’ reflection. Hence parents have to take on the task of continuing the effort at home while children are exposed to our culture at the Bal Vihar School.  

Have a wonderful experience and join others in volunteering the school activities while offering your expertise to the school administration.

Best Regards,

Sudhir Brahmbhatt