Annual Tuition fee is $250 per child. In addition, a $50 deposit per child is required that is generally refunded to those who complete volunteering for a Bal Vihar event during that school year. Students in Y5 grade are exempted from this fee. New parents for 2015-16 school year will pay an additional $20 per student registration fee. In total, existing parents will pay $300 per student. Whereas, new parents for 2015-16 will pay $320 per student.

During the open registration period (May through July), parents can enroll their kid(s) online. All fees are to be paid either by credit card or ACH online banking using our secured online registration system.  At this point, we do not accept cash or check for the registration purpose.

For the school year 2015-16, the website registration will open around mid-May for all children to register for the following school year 2015-16. The website registration will close on July 31, 2015.

Due to capacity, the class room size will be limited to 30. Additional children will be held on waiting list till the count is 15 students to open up a new class. Thus,  if Group 1 has enrollment more than 30 students and waiting list is more that 15 students, Class 1 A will be formed and students will be communicated by Bal Vihar and  asked to pay school fee.

Bal Vihar Preview

For all new students or parents that want to learn or observe Bal Vihar prior to registration, we will allow class observations during March and April of every year. An observation form will need to be filled out and will be allowed to attend up to 2 classes for no cost. Bal Vihar preview will not be available any other time.