Bal Vihar of St. Louis will admit any student aged 5 through 18 regardless of their backgrounds and expect all to abide by the policies and procedures. The admission to regular classes is open for students between the ages 5 and 12 and to the youth group for students aged between 13 and 18.

Bal vihar policy requires at least two years of attendance for graduation. All new students to youth group must start at Y1 regardless of age. Youth group coordinators may consider moving the student up based on performance during the year.

Admissions to Bal Vihar is processed through the online registration. The registration is open for all students from May 1 through July 31. All admissions will close by July 31 for the upcoming school year.

Age Requirement

Bal Vihar uses July 31 as the cut off date for age and group determination. For admission to group 1A, the student’s must birth date must be on or before July 31. For all other groups, the admissions will be available and group assignment is based on the policy described below.

Group Assignments

The Bal Vihar group assignments for the school year is as follows:

The assignments will be as follows:  

        K – Kindergarten or born before July 31

            1 – First grade

            2 – Second grade

            3 – Third grade

            4 – Fourth grade

            5 – Fifth grade

            6 – Sixth grade

            7 – Seventh grade - new students are not allowed – only for returning students

            Y1 – Eighth grade - All new students are started in Y1 only – based on the performance during the year, the teachers reserve the right to move the students to Y2

        Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5 – new students are not allowed – only for returning students

Due to graduation requirements, no new students are admitted directly in 7 or Y2 and above. Irrespective of grade, the students will start at 6 and Y1 based on the criteria.

All new students are required to submit a proof of their school assignment or birth certificate at the time of registration for proper class assignments.

We do not consider any other criteria for this assignment. Parents are advised that this is strictly adhered, and may be different from other school districts and policies. We acknowledge that some new students’ assignments may be different for new students from their regular school assignments.