Admission Process

Bal Vihar of St. Louis will admit any student aged 5 through 18 regardless of their backgrounds and expect all to abide by the policies and procedures. The admission to regular classes is open for students between the ages 5 and 12 and to the youth group for students aged between 13 and 18.

Bal Vihar policy requires at least two years of attendance for graduation. Thus new students eligible for 4B, even if they are over the age criteria, are admitted to 4A only. All new students to youth group must start at Y1 regardless of age. Youth group coordinators may consider moving the student up based on performance during the year.


The online registration at is usually open from May 01 and closes end of July of each year. For the year 2017-18, registration will open the week of April 01, 2017.

Due to capacity, the class room size will be limited to 60 for grades K-7. Grade levels 8-12 are limited to 35 students per class. Registration will be closed for specific grade levels once the capacity is reached.  

Current registration fee is $320 for new students and $300 for returning students. Regular registrations will close on June 30. Registration with a late fee of $50 will be permitted until July 31 if capacity is available at that grade level.


The fees structure is determined by the administration every year. The administration team will propose any changes to fees structure to the parents during the February parents meeting for the following year. Based on the feedback, the changes will be implemented for the following school year. The changes will be communicated to all parents via email, updates on the web etc. Students in groups Y5 are exempted from the fees and deposits. All payments are collected on line for registrations.

Bal Vihar administration reserves the right to increase the fees to cover the increasing costs and additional offerings that may be brought forth. This increase does not include any increases for additional offerings and services that may be brought forth. The increases will be presented to the parents during the meeting in February for the following school year.


Refund of School Fee

No refund will be made once the child is registered with the Bal Vihar and one session has already been held.


Cancelled Class

Due to classroom availability limitations, Bal Vihar will not be able to make up a class cancelled due to inclement weather or any other reason. Any change in the class schedule due to uncontrollable circumstances will be notified to parents as soon as possible prior to the class. This information will be updated on the website by 8 am on the day of the class. Parents must check the website on the day of the class for cancellations in case of bad weather or any other situations.


Class Allocation

In the interest of children exposure to our culture, Bal Vihar school has made changes in its class allocation policy. From school year 2013-2014, the Bal Vihar school grades will correspond to the children school grade in their regular school. Thus:

 Regular School Grade Bal Vihar School Grade 
 Grade K  Grade K
 Grade 1  Grade 1
 Grade 2  Grade 2
 Grade 3  Grade 3
 Grade 4  Grade 4
 Grade 5  Grade 5
 Grade 6  Grade 6
 Grade 7  Grade 7
 Grade 8  Youth Group Y1
 Grade 9  Youth Group Y2
 Grade 10  Youth Group Y3


No admission will be made in youth group Y4 and Y5. Only children from Y3 will go to Y4 and children from Y4 will go to Y5.


Bal Vihar Preview

For all new students or parents that want to learn or observe Bal vihar prior to registration, we will allow class observations during March and April of every year. An observation form will need to be filled out and will be allowed to attend up to 2 classes for no cost. Bal Vihar preview will not be available any other time.


Financial Assistance

It is recognized that there may be a condition where parents may not be able to afford the school fee for their child(ren). Under this condition, the following may apply: 

  • No more than three children will be allowed in a given school year for the waiver of the fee. This will be first come first served basis
  • The request for such condition should be made in May or June for the upcoming year in confidence in writing to the executive committee. This request should explain the reasons to waive the fee with proper supporting documents.
  • These documents can be tax return or other relevant documents. This will allow the executive committee to make appropriate decision
  • Upon acceptance of the waiver by the Bal Vihar school, the parent(s) is required to provide the following service to the Bal Vihar as follows:
    • A firm commitment of parent in offering 40 hours worth voluntary service to the Bal Vihar. These service hours will be tracked by the school official to ensure that such service is provided. This requirement is in addition to the parent volunteer requirements.
    • Failure to meet this requirement will be the cause for student to be discontinued from attending Bal Vihar
    • If the parent’s financial condition improves during the school year, he or she will be required to pay the school fee without any penalty
    • If the parent’s financial hardship continues in the following year, a copy of filed detailed tax return for the previous year will be required to convince the Bal Vihar executive committee of continuation of such waiver for the school. 


It is realized that this provision is made strictly to offer service to the genuine cases. A confidential independent investigation will also be carried out by the school official to confirm the eligibility.